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Fib. Zone Pivots Update

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ES traded in the Second Fib. Zone Pivots Range (1419.5 to 1421.25)

BarTime Update

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Here is the final update of BarTime.. Here it shows side-ways and risky trading when BarTime > 150 sec while BarTime < 150 sec provides excellent trade opportunities.

Side-Ways Trend

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Most traders have tough time trading side-ways markets. Many traders may be right on their setups or detecting the trend, but during the choppy side-ways markets they lose more money. In Intraday futures, I use BarTimes to measure the side-ways markets. On ES 1220 Tick Chart, I look for time to complete 1220 ticks. If the average of last 5 bars exceeds 150 seconds, I know markets are slowing and side-ways trading may be in order. I also look at Volatilty (VLTY) on the same chart to measure potential risk zones.

Today after market reversed its 12 point loss, around Noon, I noticed VLTY went above 50, signaling potential risk zone. Also, from 12.30p onwards, the ES 1220 chart showed VLTY > 50 on fiscal cliff news. So, I avoided trading any NEW trades until I see VLTY below 50 and BarTime falls below 150 sec.

Second Chance Trades in ABC Bullish Pattern

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Second Chance Trades in ABC Bullish Pattern

Sometimes second chance trades from the same pattern are amazing.
When I get stopped out of my trades I continuously look for where the trade went
wrong and what I could learn from it. I document most of trades (specially losses) as
they are best teachers of the market. When pattern fails in the first pass but gives
another opportunity to trade, I usually never miss it. Today was such a case of
second chance opportunity in ABC Bullish Pattern trade.

This morning ES Sold off (compared to Dow went up showing divergence) from the
Open of 1375.5 (R1, Globex High Cluster) to 1360.5 (Globex Low and S1 Cluster).
Around 10.15am, it appeared ES made a low and started to trade inside the Fib. Bands.
This itself is NOT a signal as ES is trading in Volatile Zone and Volatility needs to
become normal for any trade-entry. ES traded above Mid Fib. Band and started to
retrace forming First ABC setup. I patiently waited until NOON for ABC Bullish
pattern to trigger. ES Volatility was still above RISKY levels. Around 12.02pm,
I have decided to trade Long ABC Bullish Pattern at the EL (1364.25) with a stop
at 1362.25. Around same time I also saw NQ was making an ABC Bullish pattern in
610 Tick charts. I thought they both should rally higher as VLTY becoming normal
and CMI is turning Green in 5m and 3m charts.

Pl. see charts in Chronological Order:

12.20p: ABC Trade1 LOSS: After rallying almost 2 points form my entry, around 1220p, ES
traded back below my entry and pushed further to hit my STOPLOSS at 1362.25 (2 points)
loss. I was bit surprised as Market Internals were Green and VIX is trading within the

Next 20+ minutes I closely watched ABC pattern and its price-action to note the
pattern is acting well (uniformity) and Market Internals are still GREEN. ABC pattern has
expanded now making a low at 1361.75 (but not the ‘A’ Low 1360.75). I was
tempted to get back into the trade around 1361 but I waited for it to
trigger the EL (1364.25), same level as my First ABC Trade.

Around 1245pm, I am more confident of ABC moving up. CMI is green, VLTY Zones are
showing normal range. I knew second chance ABCs are great. I placed double size
contracts to go long at 1364.25. At 12.47pm, my trade was triggered and I have
12 Cars Long position. This time Stop Loss is set at 1361.75 (2.5 points). My
Targets are 1366.25, 1368.25, 1370.25. Wanted to recover my loss from first
trade at Target1.

1259p: My first Target was hit at 1366.25 +2 points (recovered loss on 6 Cars)
139p: Second Target was hit 1368.25 +4 points (3 Cars)
145p: Third Target was hit at 1370.25 +6 points (3 Cars)

I do like second chance Trades as they are the best trades, specially after a loss.
This rebuilds my faith and confidence in trading my 2nd Chance trading patterns.


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Hi All,

Thanks for all your wishes.

Sorry could not post in my blog as much as I wished, but I am going
to keep 2012 posts pretty regularly. Have some exciting new concepts I am
working on most of 2011 and I’ll keep you updated on this blog and my main



Hail Mary Pattern Setup

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Hail Mary Pattern Setup

HailMary Setups are rare but when they do occur they are quite reliable. Hail Mary Pass is referred in ‘American Foot Ball’ as very long pass in desperate situations.

Here is my prior post about HailMary with rules on its detection and trading.

On Sep. 29th, ES was selling off until late 3pm. I was lucky to find the bearish setup and started shorting every time it reached Mid Band. The last time it reached mid Fib. Band and attempted to close above I started to see the HailMary setup. Around 3.30pm, ES dipped below mid Fib. Band for last time and started to rise. I waited for price to close above the GlobexLow (1141) to confirm the potential HailMary trade setup. Also noticed ES started to ramp up the speed and closed above prev. Low (1143.5). This is a clear sign that ES may be setting up for much higher close. At 4.00pm, ES hit the high of 1157 (near Pivot).

Re-Start Blogging

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Sorry for not updating my blog as I had many other projects in the last few months… Now
Summer is over and I plan on updating once or twice a day with my new found knowledge
in Pattern research and Trading.

All along, I have been updating both Intraday and EOD
my main website

Thank you guys for sending your kind emails to restart blogging.


SHLD’s ABC Pattern

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$SPX in Head and Shoulder Pattern?

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S&P500 index is showing signs of positive momentum as it builds a Head & Shoulder pattern. From Oct. 2009 to Feb. 2010, $SPX formed its left-shoulder between 1050 and 1150. The Head part of H&S emerged from Feb. 2010 to May 2010 (1050 to 1200). S&P retraced to its neckline 1050 during the recent May sell-off. On Wednesday (June 02), S&P rallied over 27 points to close at 1098. This rally may be signaling positive momentum and upward direction for next two to three weeks. The height of the left shoulder is around 100 points and the peak of the Left shoulder level is near 1150. This area (1150) may act as resistance for the current rally. After the right shoulder completion, S&P may rollover towards the neckline. A retest/break below the neckline (around 1050) would signal completion of Head and Shoulder pattern. If H&S pattern materializes, the lower targets for the S&P is around 900.

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