Fib. Zone Pivots

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Jan. 30, 2010

One of my pre-market preperation is to figure out market context. I spend about 30-60 minutes reading my trading charts pre-market every day. I open TradeStation and start reading @ES/@YM/@NQ charts in 1220T, Daily, 30m charts to understand how market reacted in the last few days, where the new highs/lows were made, how it closed in the last few days. This preparation is part of my visualization technique and focus on various price action elements.

Pivots play very crucial role in the markets. Knowing when/where/how they act/react adds to traders knowledge/success.

Pre-market, I watch Two type of Pivots: Floor Pivots and Fib. Zone Pivots.

Fib. Zone Pivots concept was popularized by Robert Krausz and was also written by J.T. Jackson in his book. Eventhough their research involved of knowing various statistical trading zones concepts for various times of the day, I limit myself to just using Pivots as key support and resistance areas. I think knowing where the extreme Fib. Zone Pivots exist will be greatly helpful in trading.

In the following chart, I plotted Fib. Zone Pivots on @ES 30minute chart and highlighted the areas where each day how price bounced off. Fib. Zone Pivots indicator automatically plots these levels from yesterday’s Open,High,Low and Close and the Pivots, FZPivot Bands remain all day.

For example On Jan. 27th, Price bounced off FZ62% level (1082) to rise to 1103 level following day. On Friday, Jan 29, the Globex Low was made within the FZBand (1070.25-1066.75) and price returned and closed to inside the band (1068.75) by End-of-Day.


Globex Pivots
Fib. Zone Pivots

Perfect ABC with MSL

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Jan. 13, 2010

This morning Es continued its Perfect ABC pattern from yesterday’s late-rally. Yesterday’s low (1127.75) was made outside the Fib. Bands. The ‘B’ pivot was made above the Mid-Fib.Band. A 83% retracement into AB produced ‘C’ pivot at 1128.5. These three pivots formed a ‘Perfect’ ABC Bullish pattern. The ‘A’ pivot is also strengthened by the Market Structure Low (MSL) pattern.

The Perfect ABC targets were at 100% of AB (1133) and 162% AB (1135.75). Prior to the open, ES was trading near ValueArea High and pHI cluster (1137), and this may be first resistance area.PerfectABC_Jan1310

ABC Bullish
Fib. Bands

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Market Structures

Trade Log: Jan. 05, 2010

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@ES was pretty lethargic at the open. Started off with a Rectangle channel and traded between
1126 and 1130.75. At 10am, I was expecting ES to trade near Pivot Point (1126) and trend
to continue lower. About 10.15am or so, ES started to rally and started showing strength.
SuperBars and CMI both picked up strength with Green bars.

1. My first trade was a setup to trade one-tick above the Globex Pivot on a breakout. Placed a Long
order to trade upto GbxHigh from 1129. closed near 1130 to 1130.5
Stops were placed below the vWAP (1127).

2. My second trade was the best trade today. After closing my first trade, I placed
a Sell order to short 3c at 1132. I was near certain that R1 (1132.5) will be
resistance and could retrace to pHi. Around 10.45, my trade was triggered and
quickly retraced. After some side-ways anxious time, it started its color and
traded below GBXHI (1130.75). Closed all around 1130 to lock 2 points… Watch the
Pipe Pattern from R1. This is one of the high probability pattern.

3. Some one wrote to me during the setup asking the current retracement was an ABC Bullish Pattern.
It was, but it is NOT a perfect ABC Bullish pattern and internals were clearly
weak. Hence, I wanted a clear confirmation to trade.

Around Noon, the price retraced to GBXHigh (1130.75) and signaled ABC Bearish (Perfect)
pattern. This is one of hte best pattern to trade. I placed another trade around 1130
to short. This time the targets were near 1127. ABC Retraced more than 100%, see
one of the chart.

4. I have NOT traded this as I was little skeptic about PP, YHI bounce
from 1126.5. Prices made a dramatic rally to R1: 1132.5. Did not participate
as I was busy working something else.

ABC Bearish
Fib. Bands

Globex Pivots
Floor Trading Pivots

Trade Log: Jan 04, 2010

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Today was an interesting day. A Strong open (about 8 pts up in @ES) signaled
a solid up day with Dow may closing at least 100 points up. Pre-market Flag setup
is also an interesting setup with a potential trade.

Pre-market, price retraced to the Globex Mid point in a Flag setup.
Initial reaction was to wait for the Pivot (1114.75) buy.
But right after the open the trend was clear. I wanted to buy above
Globex High (1120.5) with a setup to pHI: 1124 to Fib. Zones Range (1125-1126).

1. I placed an order of 8c at 1121 just above GBXHigh. Filled at 1121.25.
Targets were set at 1124-1125. Also Stop set at 1118 (3 points), just
below the bands… About 10-12 minutes later all Contracts hit the targets.
Closed few at pHI. Check Internals, CMI and kTrend for a pullback.

2. Around 11am, market lost its momentum and trading very slow. Still
uptrend as SuperBars were strong. No Patterns formation visible other than simple breakouts.
Trade in the direction… But my CT instinct kicked in on red CMI Ribbon.
So, I took a 3c short with a very short time frame ideas. Also, betting on market
trading at R2 and may be tired. Wanted 1-2 points on 3c. About 10-15m
later, still prices were printing GREEN SuperBars. I was in 1 pt profit
so, I peeled them out slowly.

3. 1.30pm: Still thinking it will move up. CMI5 turned RED around 12.30pm.
R2 seems solid resistance. Saw first Red on CMI15…. A risky setup.
Traded Short thinking there will be TICKDUMP and then moveup. Wanted a CT
trade with Quick-in-Out for TickDump. Placed a stop above R2. Got just 1 point
for all 3cs about 2pm…

4. 2.30 pm: Placed a Buy above R2 with 3c.. Never traded. Around 3pm, I closed and walked off.

Only Four Trades today in @ES. Not focused on other instruments as no clear patterns were
emerging other than straight upside.

Here is the Link to Todays’ Daily Chart Blog on my website:

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