Perfect ABC with MSL

January 13, 2010 · Posted in ABC Bullish, Fibonacci Bands, Floor Pivots, Point of Control, PriceProfile · Comments Off on Perfect ABC with MSL 

Jan. 13, 2010

This morning Es continued its Perfect ABC pattern from yesterday’s late-rally. Yesterday’s low (1127.75) was made outside the Fib. Bands. The ‘B’ pivot was made above the Mid-Fib.Band. A 83% retracement into AB produced ‘C’ pivot at 1128.5. These three pivots formed a ‘Perfect’ ABC Bullish pattern. The ‘A’ pivot is also strengthened by the Market Structure Low (MSL) pattern.

The Perfect ABC targets were at 100% of AB (1133) and 162% AB (1135.75). Prior to the open, ES was trading near ValueArea High and pHI cluster (1137), and this may be first resistance area.PerfectABC_Jan1310

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