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@ES made a new low at 1043.75 around noon.
About the same time CMI started turning Green signaling an UpTrend.

ES traded near vWAP/200SMA (1051.) and quickly reversed to trade
my original target of 1046. Now I think it is in a Bull-Flag, CMI is still Green.
ABC is forming with 71% C retracement.


LONG: 1048
STOP: 1045
Targets: 1051-1054


Reversal Trade to 200MA/VWAP

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ES Bouncing from MidBand MA in the Fib. Bands.. MD is marking 12.
Should bounce to vWAP.

TradeSetup: Long
Long: 1051.25
Stop: 1049.
Targets: 1052.5 – 1054


A Bull-Flag with Support

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@ES is in Bearish mode today. Around 10.30am @ES may be in Bull-Flag setup
as bounced off Globex Low. Probably showing a potential support near GBX Low.


If it trades above GBXLow, it may test VWAP around 1055 and pLo: 1057
Targets: 1055 – 1057


ES Head and Shoulder (Failure or Success?)

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@S&P Emini Futures (ES) is trading between the GBX Mid and Value Area Low forming a H&S Pattern.
Currently 1066.5 to 1062.75 range….

Potential trade setup could be long above 1067 and Short below 1062.

Long above 1067 may be H&S Failure could rally much higher.
CMI is Green with Market Breadth slightly positive.