ABC Pattern with Market Structure Low (MSL)

December 18, 2009 · Posted in ABC Bullish, Double Bottom, Market Structures · Comments Off on ABC Pattern with Market Structure Low (MSL) 

ABC patterns are corrective patterns where trades are only traded in the Trend Direction (in AB Direction).
ABC Pattern formations are more powerful when a Market Structure Low (MSL) or MSH is part of the structure.
These patterns are traded with Market Context using Fib. Bands and MSH/MSLs to find perfect patterns.

Here is the @ES chart in 1220 tick time-frame, where point ‘A’ was MSL. Also, note point ‘A’ is outside the
extreme Fib. Bands. After a retracement of 90% (small Triangle of only 2.5 points), price retraced back into
the Fib. Bands and signaled an AB trade at 1090. The initial targets were very small: 1091-92 (100-127%).
This pattern continue to trade higher and seen major resistance at VAH (Value Area High).


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