Confluence of Price Levels

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Jan. 26, 2010

Price confluence is an amazing phenomenon. Today many price levels were confluencing to suggest the key targets and reversals. This morning produced a great ABC Bullish pattern with an entry level near 1087.5. Although not a perfect ABC to trade, it is one of my favorite as it showed its strength right at the open. Once this ABC started to trade above the Mid-Fib. Bands (1088.75), a solid entry is confirmed. I was also looking at the Fib. Zone Pivots for potential target to the upside…. Fib. Zone Pivots were placing today’s target in the area of 1100 to 1102.5. Note pHi is at 1099.5. The confluence of these levels may be the target for the day.

Here is the Intraday TradeBlog:

Around 10am, ABC Bull started to take-off and reached the 1st target: 1092.75 (62%). The next target would be 100%AB at 1097. (See my 10.07am chart).
At 10.22am, ES reached Globex High and started to retrace 3 points (See 10.30am chart).
At 11.42am, ES started to rise and head towards the defined Fib. Zone Target (1100) while respecting the VAH, POC, pHi Levels…
At 12.48am, ES reached the Fib. Zone Target of 1100 and showed signs of reversals. This was also evident in CMI 5m chart as CMI
showed significant Divergence at 1100 level.
By 4pm, ES sold off from 1100 levels to reach 1086.

ABC Bullish

Fib. Zone Levels

End of Day Sell off

ABC Bullish
Fib. Bands
Globex Pivots
Fib. Zone Pivots