Suri’s Scalp Trading Rules

February 4, 2010 · Posted in TRADING, Trading Psychology · 3 Comments 

Here are my SCALP TRADING rules. They are not perfect, but these are my rules and they work for me.
I am sincerely NOT interested in participating any debates or discussions about these rules.

I’ll be writing little more about each of the rule on this blog when I get some time.



1. Avoid Counter Trend Scalps. If you have to CT, think very very SHORT term-trade.
2. While Scalping, In Faster markets, you Pay Your Price; In Slower Markets, you pay Market Price.
3. Your first Loss is your best loss. Never ADD.
4. Think EXITS all the time.
5. If Scalping, Develop a Short-Term Memory.
6. Do not turn a Scalp trade (< 10m) to A Day-trade. 7. Do not follow anyone. You won’t have time besides no one is right all the time. 8. Follow Market Internals and scalp in that direction. 9. Intuition/Hope/Praying does not work. Follow RULES. 10. Set Profit/Loss Limits (for every trade/day) and Stop Trading that trade or for the day if you exceed those limits.