Advanced ABC Chart Patterns (Webinar)

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WEBINAR On Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011 at 4.30pm EDT

As a follow up to the Trading Chart Patterns presentation I gave in June 2011,
I am presenting another FREE webinar, focusing on discussing my current research
on the Advanced ABC Chart patterns and its trading methods.

Register for the webinar:

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The webinar will be on Thursday, Oct. 13th, 2011 at 4.30pm EDT.

My presentation topics include:

* Market Context and its Importance
* Pattern Components like Strength, Location, Size, Symmetry and Clarity
* ABC Patterns and its types
* Trend Quality
* Trading ABCs, Head and Shoulders and Double Top/Bottom Patterns

I will continue to present few other topics in future at BMT. Please request any
specific topics or any other ideas you may want me to discuss , please send an email.

Looking forward to meeting all of you on Thursday, Oct. 13th, 2011 at 4.30pm EDT.


Books on Trading Psychology

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Books on Trading Psychology

Most new traders are never truly prepared for Trading. They focus their entire energy, time and money in learning new Techniques, new Books, new Software etc. Very few traders actually think of the most key important element of trading – Psychology. In the beginning of my trading career, I thought trading is all about Techniques/Analysis and nothing about Psychology. Of course, markets have a funny way of teaching each individual in its own and unique way. I have been trading for over 15 years full-time and now I learnt to respect Psychology as it is one of my favorite interest. During my career, I have taken many courses, classes and read hundreds of books to improve my trading skills, techniques and psychology.

I can attest my trading success to Psychology more than the Trading techniques I learnt or built. To-date I still read Trading Psychology books and maintain and improve my core belief of markets and its trading psychology. I have come to know few Psychology author’s styles which fits my way of thinking. I have gone through a series of methods and meditation to change my psyche to fit the markets. This transformation is really magical and keeps me in check with the reality to achieve my own trading goals.

There are plenty of great Trading Psychology books out there. It is very important to know which author or his style works for your psyche and style. Each trader must focus and pick one or two authors and learn from them and their books/courses etc.

Here is my list highest recommendations for Trading Psychology books. Focus on just ONE or TWO authors and their approaches and books/courses

1. Ari Kiev (
2. Ruth Barron Roosvelt (
3. Brett Steenbarger (
4. Maxwell Maltz (not trading specific, but over-all human psychology)
5. Dr. Doug Hirshhorn (
6. Mark Douglas (

Hail Mary Pattern Setup

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Hail Mary Pattern Setup

HailMary Setups are rare but when they do occur they are quite reliable. Hail Mary Pass is referred in ‘American Foot Ball’ as very long pass in desperate situations.

Here is my prior post about HailMary with rules on its detection and trading.

On Sep. 29th, ES was selling off until late 3pm. I was lucky to find the bearish setup and started shorting every time it reached Mid Band. The last time it reached mid Fib. Band and attempted to close above I started to see the HailMary setup. Around 3.30pm, ES dipped below mid Fib. Band for last time and started to rise. I waited for price to close above the GlobexLow (1141) to confirm the potential HailMary trade setup. Also noticed ES started to ramp up the speed and closed above prev. Low (1143.5). This is a clear sign that ES may be setting up for much higher close. At 4.00pm, ES hit the high of 1157 (near Pivot).

Re-Start Blogging

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Sorry for not updating my blog as I had many other projects in the last few months… Now
Summer is over and I plan on updating once or twice a day with my new found knowledge
in Pattern research and Trading.

All along, I have been updating both Intraday and EOD
my main website

Thank you guys for sending your kind emails to restart blogging.