BarTime Update

December 11, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comments Off on BarTime Update 

Here is the final update of BarTime.. Here it shows side-ways and risky trading when BarTime > 150 sec while BarTime < 150 sec provides excellent trade opportunities.

BarTime wins again!!

December 11, 2012 · Posted in Head and Shoulder, Head and Shoulders · Comments Off on BarTime wins again!! 

Around 11.30 am, I started to notice a potential Head and Shoulders pattern formation with a Head (high) of 1434 and Neckline at 1429. Around 1.10 pm, I saw first sign of Volatility Expansion Bar (RED) in the second shoulder signaling potential bearish trend. This itself is NOT enough for me to trade. I need to check the Bartime and VLTY to confirm it is side-ways trend. I need BarTime Averge to below 150 seconds to trade. But I kinda did not notice ignroed BarTime (which was printing over 200 seconds for 1220 Tick bar), and Shorted the low of the VEXP bar at 1430. BarTime continued to tick above 150 seconds and in next 10 minutes it traded above 1431. I realized BarTime is going to drag my trade further and I exited with a loss of 1 point.

Note to myself: Must check BarTime and VLTY on every trade!!