Gold ABC Bear Update…

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Jan. 20, 2010

After a series of Up/Down swing days, Gold is finally confirming its ABC Bear Entry Setup as it trades below (EL) 1128 level. I also would like to see a Strong Bearish (RED) SuperBar for further confirmation. The potential targets for the ABC Bear are 62% (1067), 100% (1009).


ABC Bearish

Gold in ABC Bearish Pattern

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Gold may be ready to retrace? Gold has ABC Bearish pattern and today’s sell off (23 pts down) could be the first day of retracement. Gold made a high of 1227 December 2009. Its recent swing low of 1074 and its retracement (C at 1162) may be signaling a potential ABC Bearish Pattern.

Closing below the Entry Level of 1128 is the first signal of confirmation of ‘C’. If the bearish trend continues, the first target is near 1067 (62%) and 1009 (100%) of AB Range.

The Time Targets in Gold are: Jan 28 to March 05.Gold_Jan1210_Targets

Golds’ Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern

November 18, 2009 · Posted in Head and Shoulders · 2 Comments 

Here is Inverse Head and Shoulders’ pattern formation in Gold weekly chart. Late October, Gold broke out of the Neckline (1067) after forming an Inv. H&S Pattern. The distance between the head and the lowest trough in Inv. H&S pattern is about $250. Adding this depth to the breakout level (1067) yields $1316.


Gold’s Parabolic Arc

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Gold is trading in Parabolic arc pattern and may reach 1362 area in next few months.
1350+ is also the target for Inv. Head and Shoulder pattern and ABC’s 3.62 target.


Gold Target Reached

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Today Gold rallied strong and traded the 1.62 AB Target level at 1111.4.Gold_Nov0909

Gold Update

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Gold reaching another New High.
ABC Bullish target (1.62AB) of 1111.4 and Nov.4th is the cycle target date.


Gold and Silver Targets

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Gold, Silver surged today as the news of Reserve Bank of India buying Gold.
Here are the next potential Targets for @ZG, @ZI, GLD and SLV.